Silver Linings. AVAILABLE

Oil on Canvas. White Browed Sparrow Weavers. 120cm x 100cm. Available in print and wallpaper.

There is only one beautiful thing about driving through the coal mines of Hwange and that is the stunning lime colours of brand new spring leaves against the dark landscape of black coal residue. It’s a mystery that with all the freedom a bird has, it chooses to nest there amongst our man made chaos.
Perhaps its purpose, like mine, is to make the world a slightly prettier place and be its silver lining.
Fun fact:
When a male or female white-browed sparrow-weaver begins its song, its partner joins in at a certain time. They duet with each other by singing in turn and precisely in tune. A team led by researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Seewiesen used mobile transmitters to simultaneously record neural and acoustic signals from pairs of birds singing duets in their natural habitat. They found that the nerve cell activity in the brain of the singing bird changes and synchronizes with its partner when the partner begins to sing. The brains of both animals then essentially function as one, which leads to the perfect duet.
So not only do these little treasures make a pretty picture, they also sing a beautiful song.