Happy National Unity Day to all Zimbabweans. HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all the rest.

Happy Christmas

I have recently been thinking about how incredibly well the annual calendar has been planned by that Pope Gregory XIII who worked out the solar system in perfect coordination…. and how timing between all the milestone events seem to arrive with flawless rhythm. 365 days seems like the ideal amount of time to need to recuperate for the next one and leave wanting to experience it again. Christmas, birthdays and seasons. A superb balance of ‘I can’t believe it’s been a year’ and ‘oh my god, has it only been a year.’
So here we are again getting festive with Christmas, another year gone by and a great time to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged me in what has been a great 2021. ‘A HUGE Thank you to all’ and a special mention to my incredible assistant and friend @Vanessa for all your hard work, encouragement and acting left brain. You are an inspiration and I am truly grateful for you. 🙏
I know it has been a strange time for most but wishing everyone the most fantastic Christmas with an enormous amount of love and happiness.