Gathering Grace. AVAILABLE. PRICE and detailed images on request.

Oil on Canvas. Grey Crowned Cranes. 118cm x 92cm. Available in print and other merchandise.

Some things in life are too beautiful. These being one. The grey crowned/ crested crane is known to be one of the oldest living bird species in the planet Now listed as endangered.
My first memory of seeing a grey crowned crane was on stamp. On a small envelope from Zambia. It was a Friday routine.
My mom would pick us up from boarding school Hillcrest College ZW in Mutare and we would start the weekend finishing up farm business in town which meant we would drive over ‘ the pass ‘ (the most magnificent entrance over a mountain to this beautiful small town in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe) and into town.
One the the first stops was always the post office. We had a little Box 467 where all the bills were collected and the errands began. I loved the post office.
A little cul de sac stop which seemed to dictate the movements of the afternoon.
On the odd occasion either my sister or I would receive a letter from a friend or a pen pal covered in pretty decorative stickers and lots of stamps! I loved stamps!
What a beautiful and extremely personal touch to a note so thought out.
Aaaah….. there was a time when we had time.