Formation. AVAILABLE. PRICE and detailed images on request.

Oil on Canvas. Yellow Billed Storks. 115cm x 64cm. Available in print and other merchandise.

Lex is at an age where everyone needs to chose their favourite colour, favourite animal, best bestest friend etc etc… her questions always go like this, ‘Mom if you had to be a bird which one would you be? You are only allowed to chose ONE!’
Tough questions you know? and I don’t know?
Most people move straight to the big impressive guys. And as much as I love watching the raptors do their thing, it’s always the flocks of birds that fascinate me the most. I like the interaction, the affection, the formation, their family-like behaviour. So I still can’t answer the question, but it would have to be one that belongs to a flock. I guess that is part of why I gravitate to these sorts of subjects… lots of little things making one big thing!