Autumn Blues 160cm x 104cm

I have painted racket tailed rollers in a similar style before and although I was really happy with the last piece I did, there was something in it that I that I knew I needed to explore further. I have taken a bit of time to play with techniques and ideas in the past few weeks so have re-visited what had intrigued me there and thus ‘Autumn Blues’ is born.
An artist once said to me, ‘If there is ONE element in your painting that is a success, your painting is successful.’ I never really understood where she was going with this. There are so many things to consider when working a painting but I guess what she meant is the way we constantly evolve is by improving (or recognising improvement) little by little until one day you look back and realise that you actually have changed, evolved and hopefully improved.
I was then recently told my work was repetitive (*and boring) (Yup! We really do put ourselves out there to be gutted) and while there is some truth in this, certainly with this painting, I also see improvement, refinement and a small but new idea that I will carry into my next painting.
So cheers to repetition and cheers to the weekend.
Autumn Blues.